The second time I built my Technic Shuttle (With about ten hours building time, I don't build it that much....), I wanted to let it look like a pile of junk, from Mad Max made operational again. You know, with barricaded windows, rusty, exchanged parts and so on.....

The 'Mad Max' shuttle as overview. Notice the cannon, the closed (partially) wings and the two little spaceships, at the back. Those spaceships were a bit to long, When mounted, I couldn't open the bay doors any more. 8-(
From above. The blue tube is pneumatic. I tried to get the landing gear pneumatically moving by connecting the small compressor pump to the fibre-optic turning axle. Unfortunately it didn't work. The force from that axle was to weak, and it was turning to slow....
A close-up from the cockpit. Barred windows, 'teeth' and a kind of radar.
Here you can see the barred bay doors.

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